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2K Epoxy Resin Floor Coating - Floor Paint for Garage, Concrete Surfaces

Original price €44,90 - Original price €279,90
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€44,90 - €279,90
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2.5kg | €17,96 / kg
🟠 CAIRCON 2K Floor Paint: A high-quality product consisting of two components - color and hardener - for a durable floor coating.
🟠 Water-based and odorless: Our 2K garage paint is not only low in odor but also solvent-free, ensuring a pleasant working environment.
🟠 Versatile adhesion: This floor coating ensures good adhesion on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, cement, wood, metal, and more.
🟠 Combine with color chips: Enhance the visual appeal of your floor and increase slip resistance by adding color chips.
🟠 Versatile application: Suitable for use in basements, garages, workshops, storage areas, industrial halls, balconies, terraces, and many other areas.
🟠 Efficient consumption: Approximately 200-300g/m² are needed per coat. We recommend applying two coats for excellent results.
Color: Beige RAL 1001
Size: 2.5kg

Product data

High-Quality 2K Epoxy Resin Floor Coating for Longevity and Versatility

Explore the outstanding quality of our CAIRCON 2K Epoxy Resin Floor Coating – the optimal choice for demanding floor coating projects. Ideal for garages, basements, workshops, and industrial halls.

The application on various surfaces such as concrete, cement, wood, and metal is effortless. The satin-finish surface not only provides a durable coating but also an aesthetic appearance.

CAIRCON 2K Floor Paint: Key Benefits

  • High Versatility: The water-based 2K floor coating is not only impact and abrasion-resistant but also resistant to softeners. This makes it perfect for various surfaces like garage floors, basements, workshops, warehouses, or industrial halls. Excellent adhesion to materials such as concrete, cement, wood, and metal ensures a long-lasting effect.
  • Combine with Color Chips: Enhance your floor visually and improve slip resistance by adding color chips.
  • Satin-Finish Surface: Our 2K concrete paint not only offers a lasting floor coating but also gives your floor an appealing satin-finish appearance.
  • Water-Based and Odorless: The water-based 2K garage paint is not only low in odor but also solvent-free, providing a pleasant working environment.
  • Chemical Resistance: Our special formula for the 2K floor paint ensures good resistance to chemicals and softeners.

CAIRCON 2K Garage Paint provides a comprehensive solution for your floor renovation, focusing on quality and durability. Seize the opportunities and give your spaces a fresh design that lasts.

  • Optimal Results: For the best results, we recommend applying our CAIRCON 2K Floor Coating twice. Achieve a flawless finish and enhance protection by applying our clear, satin-finish 2K Epoxy Resin Sealant after painting.
  • Recommended Primer: For reliable adhesion and optimal results, we recommend using our CAIRCON Floor Primer before applying the 2K Floor Coating. This ensures a durable and secure connection between your flooring and the coating, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability of your floors.

If you prefer a matte finish, we also offer an equally high-quality 2K Floor Coating in matte tones.

Application Areas:

Our 2K Concrete Floor Paint is versatile and ideal for:

  • Garage, basement, workshop
  • Storage rooms
  • Industrial halls, etc.

CAIRCON 2K Floor Paint provides a flexible solution for a broad range of application areas

Technical Specifications:

  • Sheen Level: Satin-finish
  • Base: Water-based
  • High Coverage: Approximately 200-300g/m2 per coat, depending on the substrate and application method
  • Application Area: Interior and Exterior
  • Recommended: Two coats. Application with a roller or brush

Hazard label

Warnhinweise für 2K-Epoxi-Bodenbeschichtung (Komponente A)

Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP]

Besondere Gefahrenhinweise für Mensch und Umwelt

  • 🔶H226 Flüssigkeit und Dampf entzündbar.
  • 🔶H302+H332 Gesundheitsschädlich bei Verschlucken oder Einatmen.
  • 🔶H319 Verursacht schwere Augenreizung.
  • 🔶H336 Kann Schläfrigkeit und Benommenheit verursachen

Warnhinweise für 2K Epoxi-Bodenbeschichtung-Härter (Komponente B)

Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP]

Besondere Gefahrenhinweise für Mensch und Umwelt

  • 🔶H318 Verursacht schwere Augenschäden.