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Wood & Metal Weatherproof Paint with Rust Protection for Windows and Doors

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750.0ml | €23,87 / l
🟠 Versatile Application: Caircon Protective Varnish is excellent for use on both wood and metal, indoors and outdoors.
🟠 Solvent-Based & Satin Finish: The satin-finish formula ensures not only excellent adhesion but also imparts an attractive sheen to surfaces. The solvent base contributes to long-lasting durability.
🟠 Weather-resistant & UV-resistant: This protective varnish provides reliable defense against the elements, while UV resistance preserves color quality. Your windows and doors will remain beautiful and protected for a long time.
🟠 High Coverage & Impact Resistance: Caircon ensures not only high coverage but also remarkable impact and scratch resistance. The result is a long-lasting, flawless surface.
🟠 Versatile Use: In addition to windows and doors, this protective varnish can also be used as wood protection for furniture, decks, fences, and more.
🟠 High Reach: With a coverage of 5-8 m² per liter, Caircon offers economical and effective protection for large areas.
🟠 Color Variety: Choose from various colors to meet your individual design requirements and add a personal touch to your home.
Color: Anthracite gray RAL 7016
Size: 750ml

Product data

CAIRCON Metal Paint 4in1

Here you will find CAIRCON metal paint 4 in 1, which has long been successfully used in industry and in metal construction. Let yourself be convinced

CAIRCON 4-in-1 metal protective varnish is easy to use and the painting result impresses immediately. Our metal paint is suitable for universal use on metal. On steel, iron, aluminium and zinc, the paint provides a silky gloss and elastic top coating. This is scratch-resistant and weather resistant after drying. You can paint, roll or spray metal paint.

Please note before use: for optimal processing and adhesion of CAIRCON metal paint 4-in-1, the surfaces should be clean and dry as well as free from oils and greases.


Areas of use:

  • 🟠 Only suitable for outdoor use,
  • 🟠 Perfect for steel, iron, aluminium, zinc and other metal alloys
  • 🟠 Good suitability for garages, workshops, basements, halls
  • 🟠 Perfect for bare and galvanised sheet steel, copper and zinc


  • 🟠 Made in Germany
  • 🟠 adhesive and opaque,
  • 🟠 abrasion-resistant and durable,
  • 🟠 shock and impact resistant,
  • 🟠 oil and chemical resistant,
  • 🟠 UV resistant and non-yellowing,
  • 🟠 high range and elasticity, easy to use

4-in-1 effect

  • 🟠 Rust converter, primer, intermediate coat and final coat are not necessary
  • 🟠 CAIRCON metal protective paint can be used directly on rusted metal surfaces and old coats.
  • 🟠 Special pre-cleaner recommended as an additional product before use

Hazard label

Warnhinweise für 4 in 1 Alkydlack

Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 GHS

Besondere Gefahrenhinweise für Mensch und Umwelt

  • 🔶H226 Flüssigkeit und Dampf entzündbar.
  • 🔶H302 Gesundheitsschädlich bei Verschlucken.
  • 🔶H304 Kann bei Verschlucken und Eindringen in die Atemwege tödlich sein.
  • 🔶H315 Verursacht Hautreizungen.
  • 🔶H317 Kann allergische Hautreaktionen verursachen.
  • 🔶H318 Verursacht schwere Augenschäden.
  • 🔶H334 Kann bei Einatmen Allergie, asthmaartige Symptome oder Atembeschwerden verursachen.
  • 🔶H335 Kann die Atemwege reizen.
  • 🔶H336 Kann Schläfrigkeit und Benommenheit verursachen.
  • 🔶H361 Kann vermutlich die Fruchtbarkeit beeinträchtigen oder das Kind im Mutterleib schädigen.
  • 🔶H412 Schädlich für Wasserorganismen, mit langfristiger Wirkung.