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Teak wood oil terrace oil Bangkirai care oil teak oil hardwood oil transparent

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🟠 HIGH-QUALITY WOOD OIL: CAIRCON Teak Wood Oil is specially formulated to enhance and protect the natural beauty of teak wood, offering premium care for your wooden surfaces.
🟠 DEEP-ACTING CARE: This superior wood oil penetrates deeply into the wood to nourish it from within, providing long-lasting protection against moisture and UV rays.
🟠 VERSATILE APPLICATION: Our versatile care oil is ideal for a wide range of woods including teak, Bangkirai, eucalyptus, mahogany, and rosewood, making it perfect for various furniture and structures.
🟠 COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: CAIRCON Teak Wood Oil delivers robust wood protection and care, suitable for numerous tropical and hardwoods in both indoor and outdoor settings.
🟠 WEATHER-RESISTANT: Offering exceptional weather resistance, this wood oil shields your wood from sun damage, rain, and snow, ensuring durability and longevity.
🟠 UNIVERSALLY APPLICABLE: Suitable for both old and new wood surfaces, our product is ideal for garden furniture, wooden decks, indoor furniture, wooden floors, and more, providing unmatched versatility.
🟠 NATURAL FINISH: CAIRCON Teak Wood Oil enhances the wood's natural finish, highlighting the grain and texture of teak wood, and giving your wood surfaces a beautiful, natural look
Size: 1L
Color: Colorless

Product data

Teak & Bangkirai Oil

Teak oil is an easy-to-apply natural oil for the protection and care of teak wood or other hardwoods.

🟠 Penetrates deeply into the wood,
🟠 Impregnates,
🟠 Increases water repellency,
🟠 Refreshes the natural oil content,
🟠 Protects and cares for all types of decking wood,
🟠 Enhances the natural color and grain of the wood.

This wood oil provides a matte sheen and enhances both the natural color and texture of the wood. It dries quickly and has a honey-tone finish.


  • Special Additives: Due to special additives, the Teak & Bangkirai oil is even better suited for planks and furniture in both indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Deep Penetration: It penetrates deeply into the wood, forming a hard, matte, durable, and especially water-resistant surface.
  • Reduces Cracking: Reduces cracking and protects the wood from drying out.

Areas of Application:

For initial treatment, refreshing, and care of hardwoods such as:

  • Teak
  • Oak
  • Bangkirai
  • Eucalyptus
  • Meranti, etc.

For outdoor use on:

  • Garden furniture
  • Decking boards
  • Wood tiles
  • Palisades, etc.


🟠 Enhanced and intensified colors are achieved
🟠 The wood surface retains its natural appearance
🟠 Easy-to-apply methods create an attractive finish
🟠 Open-pored and moisture-regulating wood care oil with a water-repellent effect