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Epoxy resin based products

What is a 2k color?

A 2K paint is a two-component paint consisting of a base and a hardener component. These components must be thoroughly mixed before use. This creates a very resistant coating, which is characterized by high resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.

  • Mixing ratio epoxy colored : 10:1 by weight with hardener.
  • Mixing ratio epoxy transparent : 2:1 by weight with hardness

For 2 coats, we recommend dividing the colors into 2 equal parts.

2K colors are very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. In particular, however, they are suitable for concrete floors, tile painting and pool paints . They can also be used for other industrial applications

What advantages does a 2k color have over other colors?

A 2kK color offers a higher resistance to scratches, abrasion and chemical influences compared to other colors. It also dries faster and offers better adhesion to the surface. In addition, it is UV resistant and does not fade as quickly as other colors

How to prepare a surface for the application of 2k paint?

The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and freed from dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants. The surface should also be dry and free from dust and other particles. In some cases it may also be necessary to sand the surface to ensure better adhesion

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