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Wood oils, glazes & paints

What are wood oils and what are they used for?

Wood oils are natural conditioners that are applied to wood surfaces to protect and condition the wood. They penetrate deep into the wood to protect it from moisture, dirt and UV rays and give it an attractive appearance

How do I apply wood oils, glazes or paints?

In most cases, the wood to be painted needs pre-treatment when using a glaze of oil or varnish. In general, the surfaces must be prepared, cleaned and sanded before the coating is applied. It is important to read our instructions carefully and wear appropriate protective equipment

Which is better: wood stain or paint?

It depends on what you want to achieve with the wood surface. If you want to keep the natural grain of the wood, wood stain is the best choice as it is semi-transparent and allows the texture to show through. One color is opaque and covers the grain so that the wood has a uniform color

What do you have to consider when oiling wood?

Choose the oil that best suits your needs. Apply the oil evenly and thinly to the wood. Avoid overlapping and dripping. Use a brush, roller or cloth for this

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